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Anti-thief zipper

(1)Anti-theft & safety guard series Chain Tape
1.Anti-theft Double Layer series 
-Coil Double-Layer Zipper
-Sandwich-Sewing Type 
Object:It's through special adhesive and heat-comp-ress process 
the Double-Tadpole-Tooth with sewing seam coating resin has outstanding durable performance (Suitable for baggage,Anti-theft,Anti-split and hard-wearing).

2.Double-Tadpole-Tooth with overlap folding type of tape 
Anti-split & waterproof air gap safety guard series: 
A.It's resistive the highest transverse tensile purpose for the luggage 
B.It can be gapping length zipper size to match the garment, tent or others; and open-end zipper process.
C.Sewingless by heat sealing with coating zipper technical for all application.
Object:It's superior capacity to resist external-damage,the performance surpasses RC-type of double layer zipper (similar anti-split zipper in this industry).
Multi-Tooth-Layer is also contains waterproof ability.(Suitable for baggage, tents, outdoor clothing). Which is the only way can use our patent technology for zipper production of automatic measure gapping length process.

Front-Roller Type: smooth with durable life cycle,able to sustain load. (Suitable for baggage)
Tongue-Guide Type:Which guiding all teeth head forward at correct position and control smoothly jointing action.
Assemble with Multi-Tooth-Layer zipper will be respectable Anti-split product. (Suitable for baggage, and bags
(C)Cross Type:the puller can over cross the lock hold as a special design on it who can be less pull angle cause to smooth in the pulling.

(3)Best quality comes from pro-tech patent design first.
Zipper is a rather important component to luggage, most of other components can replace or fix,
but a luggage comes with a broken zipper is hard to fix.Therefore, how to make a good quality luggage zipper is our duty and mission.

(4)Test Report 
1.Transverse tensile strength-It exceeds from the testing of international standard 
2.Anti-split strength 40kgs up 
3.Slidable-under of 500gs 
4.Puller strength-40kgs up 
5.Puller twist strength-6kgs up 
6.Colour Fastness crocking-3~4 grades up 
7.Colour Fastness lighting-Meet the international standard 
8.Reciprocating Test(life cycle,durable test)-30,000 times up

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